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My System

I started my Hi-Fi activities around 1978 with very classic stuff, common Japanese soup.
Two years after, following a listening session with a friend that has heavily shaken my certitudes (high-tech transistors and ultra-low distortion ratios), I moved in the tube area and bought a preamp Ampliton PR60 and an amp Ampliton TS5000.
Less than two years after, I finished my first tube preamp, next a transistors moving-coil preamp, both still in activity. Around 1987, I started a project of a VT52 single-ended amp. This project remained unfinished for a long period (7 years of motorcycle racing and a company creation ...) but recently, I took this project back from its box. It was finally converted to a 300B for the medium, the VT52s will be used for a similar amp for the treble.


Turntable: Oracle Delphi
Tone-arm: Saec WE 407/23
Cartridge: Dynavector 23RS Ruby 2nd version (moving-coil)
CD-Player: Denon DCD 1420
Moving-coil preamp: Prépré (L'Audiophile), home-made
RIAA preamp: Hiraga (L'Audiophile), home-made
Amp: Ampliton TS5000, commercial/modified
Amp: 300B SRPP, home-made, actually used full-band.
More informations about the realisation on the page dedicated to loudspeakers damping.
Bass: Audax HD33S66 (reconed with PR330T0 membranes) mounted in a bass-reflex (->600Hz) with lateral vents as in Jensen-Onken types. Double-walls filled with a mix of sand and lead granulates, internal walls covered with lead sheets and a double layer of asphalt.
Medium: Audax PR17HR37TSM mounted in a closed box (600Hz-4KHz). Internal walls covered with lead sheets and a layer of asphalt.
Tweeter: Fostex T825 (4KHz->)

Next step, bi-amplification

Medium-treble amp: 300B SRPP modified for bi-amplification

Future plans, tri-amplification

Treble amp: VT52 SRPP

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