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Preamplifier for moving coils cartridges.



R1-5= 100ohm 1% 1/4W

R9...12= 47Kohm 2W

S1-2= DIL Switch

R2-6= 150ohm 1% 1/4W

R13-14=1Mohm 1% 1/4W

J1...4= RCA Jack

R3-7= 33ohm 1% 1/4W

C1-2= 1uF 250V MKT


R4-8= 12ohm 1% 1/4W

V1-2= ECC88 - 6DJ8


Power Supply


R1= 180Kohm

C2-4= 300uF 250V

D4= 24V 0.5W zener

R2= 33Kohm

C3= 100nF 400V MKT

D5-6-7= 1N4148

R3= 27Kohm

C7= 1uF 100V MKT

Q1-3= TIP122C

R4= 8.2Kohm

C8= 2.2uF 63V MKT

Q2= BD340 [MJE340]

R5= 56ohm  2W

C9= 22uF 100V

IC1= TL071-TL081

R6= 3.3Kohm 2W

C10-11-15-17= 10uF 63V

IC2= LM317

R7= 18Kohm

C12= 100uF 25V

TR1= 4.7Kohm trimmer

R8= 100Kohm

C13= 4700uF 25V

GR1= 400V 1A

R9= 120ohm

D1-2-8= 1N4007

GR2= 80V 3A

C1-5-6-14-16= 100nF 250V MKT

D3= 30V 0.5W zener

T1=230VAC//A=100V@ B=8V/2A

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