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300B Single-Ended Schmidlin


Designed by Serge Schmidlin, a school-friend and owner of the swiss company Audio Consulting.
This amp uses widely Silver Rock transformers (silver windings) and Kristall Cap (paper-in-oil) capacitors, all components sold by Audio Consulting.

The volume pot is also a Silver Rock, a silver transformer with 24 secondaries in a geometric progression.

Bias is obtained with batteries bypassed by paper-in-oil caps.

Loudspeakers cables are also made of silver but are pretty thin reducing the skin effect.

I hope to show you some photographs of this monster pretty soon, as it uses a construction style more common in loudspeakers enclosures than amps: wood double-walls filled with sand and internally screened with copper foils ...

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Power Supply

It uses a switching supply. Well, this one has nothing to do with the usual low-cost models and the results are pretty impressive, so, that shouldn't be a bad technique at all !

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