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Paper washer

I can't say the commercial paper washers are cheap at all, it's possible to build one for a pretty better cost.
This model can wash large prints (over 50x60cm or 20x24") by taking away the separators.
The fittings are glued with rapid epoxy (support) and covered with silicone (watertight).
The separators supports are plastic bars on which are glued several small plastic squares.
The upper support slots are cutted with an electric saw.
All fittings are plastic models for gardening.

The water comes under pressure and is regulated by a tap. It's speaded out by a perforated half-tube (brown) giving a regular shower over the entire width.
The drain is opposite through a second tap and a second drain, on top, avoids overflows.
The actual model has a drain diameter a bit to small to obtain a high flow.
Use a drain twice as large as the input.
As salts are heavier, the water intake is up and the drain down.
It's possible to do the opposite which simplifies a bit the assembling (no more tap on the drain) but the washing will be less effective.
The grooved black plastic bars hold the plexiglass separators. These separators are held vertical by two other bars that lean against the tray walls.


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