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8x10" Enlarger

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This 8x10" (20x25cm) enlarger will be used for the photographs taken with the Bender large format but also to allow various manipulations becoming to difficult using 24x36mm, the transfer to a large format support will ease the job while keeping a high quality level.

The price of such toys is much higher than what is acceptable to my purse, so I went in the process of building one.
This is a project put only on paper yet but I hope to complete it one day ...

Initially, I thought to modify the camera so that I could use it also as an enlarger but I was afraid the hallogen heat could damage the waxed finish ...
After that, I thought of a horizontal enlarger (mounted on a tripod or a table) but nothing is sure now as I'm slightly moving to a more classic vertical enlarger, some room height problems have still to be solved ...
The light box will be interchangeable between a hallogen version (20 hallogens 12V 50-75W serially connected) for color and a fluorescent tubes (cold light) for B/W (15x8W tubes).
For cost reasons, the camera lens will be reused and will be replaced afterwards, if necessary, by a true enlarging lens.

Your comments are welcome.

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