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Jobo CPA-2

This color processor can develop both paper and films: Jobo CPA-2 Manual

Some processes (E-6, C-41, RA-4, R-3, ...) ask for a great temperature precision and stability, to achieve it, I had to calibrate my CPA-2.
The objective is to obtain 38C (E6, C41) or the specific temperature you need for your process inside the development tank.
I filled the processor, bottles, graduates and tank with water and switched on the processor.
I slightly modified the temperature until it stabilized at 38C inside the tank, this operation can be pretty long, after that, I measured the temperatures at various places of the processor:

Tank: 38C
Graduates: 37.8C
Bottles: 38.3C
Basin (close to the drain): 38.8C

Warning, these values are those I obtained on my CPA-2 and may, of course, differ with yours !

To find back this temperature quickly, I just position the temperature control button on the mark done during the tests and fine adjust until the basin temperature reaches the value obtained during the tests.

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